Marketing Solutions
A link to grasp beyond Asia
Our marketing objective is to provide solutions to customers
targeting their product toward the Asia market, especially
China. We offer marketing services from single marketing
plans to full package marketing strategies. Which allow us
to help commercialize your products and/or service products
in China.

We provide the following services:

Market research

        Industry market analysis in China
        Specific market segmentation analysis
        Focus Group Study
        SWOT & Feasibility report

Investment Guide and Marketing Strategy

        Market identifying and positioning
        Strategies of distribution
        Strategies of Commercialization
        Pricing and Branding

Sales marketing

        Match make with established large Chinese
distributor esp. dealing imported food, alcohol and non-
alcohol beverages to promote sales.
        Follow up new PO from Chinese distributors.

Post-sales marketing

        Supervise of product promotion in China
        Manage Advertising, Media, Public Relations etc.

Customized Legal Service

        Customs Clearance in China including
documentation review and broker match
        Check Chinese labels on product and register in
China Customs
        Product quality check at China Customs and
Sanitary Certificate procurement
        Trademark Registration in China.

Other Services

Trade Shows in China to promote your products
Sales Rep. Office for overseas supplier

How we do it ?

Tools & Methods :
  • Database access to up-to-date food & beverage
    related industry
  • Observational research-Pay visit to various points
    of sales
  • Qualitative Focus Group Research-Primary direct
    feedback from target consumers
  • Quantitative Survey research
  • Market testing

We bring in sales:
  • Matchmaking between qualified products and
    established Chinese distributors
  • Sales negotiation with selected potential Chinese
  • Sales supervisor in POS on behalf of supplier

For Legal Service:
  • Know-how of legal procedures for China Customs
  • Good relations with reliable Customs Broker in
    different Chinese Customs and Port
  • Specialist on how to get product sanitary
    certificate in China
  • Solid TM registration firm in hands

For more detailed information on our marketing services
for importing products please contact us directly by email
or phone.