AsiaLink is an international managed company
which specializes in providing solutions for
companies looking to import and export to China.

We have gained high recognition in China
through our successful cases in bringing foreign
brand products to China as well as servicing
many clients’ in sourcing products that meet and
even exceed their expectations.

One of our two major objectives is to help and
provide solutions to companies wishing to import
to China.  The other is to assist companies to
source and supply the best quality products at the
most competitive prices.

The way in which we achieve our goals is by
having our staff work closely with our clients
both in China and Overseas.  In this way, we can
accurately communicate with our clients giving
them up to date market knowledge as well as
both services and products offered.

With our comprehensive experience and
extensive background you are in good hands
when it comes to linking your business beyond
About Us
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