Whether you just need sourcing for an existing product from a
Chinese supplier or a complete China manufacturing solution

Our Service

•        China sourcing for your existing products
•        China sourcing for new products and suppliers
•        China sourcing (wholesale) for low volumes
•        Selection of China manufacturing suppliers for larger
•        Product development and engineering
•        Rapid prototyping
•        Extensive and dedicate quality control
•        Logistics and shipping to all parts of the world

How we work

Methods of working with customers:

  • Although most of our customers prefer us to supply
    to a finished (FOB or delivered) product price, we
    offer several methods of working with customers.  
These include:
Sourcing, supplying and shipping product to
accepted prices and terms.
Sourcing product to an agreed fee.
Sourcing, supplying and shipping product on a
commission structure (normally for large,
repeating orders).
Quality control services to an agreed fee.
Product development and prototyping
programs to an agreed project or monthly fee.

  • We place considerable emphasis on Quality Control.  
    All products purchased through us from within
    Guangdong province includes our QC services unless
    otherwise advised.  We will quote you for our QC
    services if the product is sourced from elsewhere in
    China; or if the QC requirements are beyond the
    norm; or if the product quantity supplied is very small

Remuneration and Payment Terms

  • We do not charge for any other costs or expenses
    other than those we have quoted for and which have
    been pre-agreed with our customers.  The only
    exceptions to this are samples and courier charges.

  • Sourcing:  Our standard terms for sourcing and
    supplying products is 30% deposit with order and
    70% prior to despatch.  We will not progress a
    project until we have received the initial deposit in
    our bank.

  • Courier charges:  Courier charges outbound from
    China are considerably less expensive than inbound
    courier charges from other countries.  We do not
    ship samples or products out by courier unless
    requested by or agreed with customers.

  • Samples:  When a supplier charges for samples we
    recharge these to our customers.

How much will it cost?

  • We can work with you on simply a quoted delivered
    price to your nearest port or we can work on a fee or
    commission basis.  If you opt for a quoted price all
    you pay is what we quote you.  This is the preferred
    method with most of our customers.

  • If you have a product development or process
    development project we will quote you either a fixed
    fee or a monthly retainer fee for the period of the

For more detailed information on our sourcing services please
contact us directly by email or phone.
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